fiver ep

by ian terry

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Stephen Veith
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Stephen Veith impressive first release that sounds a lot better through headphones than through the floor upstairs.

homie is a burgeoning weatherbox mixed with a touch of lvl up to keep things serious.

also album art Favorite track: agnostic.
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just some music I've been working on


released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


ian terry Delaware

songs of now
and yore

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Track Name: woof
when did i
learn to speak
of the things inside my head
i would paint them in a picture
and they were so abstract
it was no matter of fact

when did i
learn to sleep
without woof-woof in my bed
there were demons in the central heating
of my first homestead
now they live inside my head

how could i
think to sleep
without baby-girl in bed
thought my heart was getting colder
and love reserved for kids
now i'm old
and i won't
have the chance to love again

and my demons are still with me
and they live inside a dream
of two birds and a nest
a real dog tied to a fence
Track Name: rungs
climbing the rungs
is a better view gonna show me something
holding my tongue
doing those chores like I owe you something

pull on the chain
this is a war and our lives are at stake
love getting paid
but don't expect me to love you
i'm never gonna

timing the months
half a year adding up to nothing.
biting your tongue
till the skin falls off and it's good for nothing

pull on the chain
you'll find the cracks form in everything paved
beg you to stay
but don't expect 'em to love you
they're never gonna
Track Name: nevergood
love has been
always knew
i could do without
someone on my mouth
take yourself out of my life

took a trip of my own
turns out i'm just fine
Track Name: stephen
tripped on a white thin
strip into the deep end
couldn't get enough of my good friend stephen

we were conjuring up colors
and i didn't even notice when
our lives turned quickly
back to black and white

she drew a honed tip
sizing up her target
tried to tie the knot
around my neck

our love fades quickly
we are black and white

stephen i wish i could live with you forever
i watched you move away in '16
i was hoping she would hunt me for a life time
guess i wasn't big game
Track Name: agnostic
i thought i could be
i was special
that's what they taught me on the t.v. screen
following along the letter tops
during songs
eyes forever blurred

ideas transferred to the brain
kinda stuck
for life.

i thought that someone
died for me
that's what they taught me every sunday morning
sister, mother, father rise and fall between songs
His fantastic word

ideas transferred to the brain
kinda stuck
for life.

couldn't hurt
extract some grey matter memories
or dentistry
pull out all my baby teeth

i could try
excercising that ghost
might he escape from the window?

to never know. to never know