immortal palms album

by ian terry

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Pablo Myers
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Pablo Myers Talented, fluid and an arresting young voice... He's the real thing. Ian's distinctive and Infectious style, his sheer musical precocity and versatility stun. I love this album. Support local artists. Favorite track: strife.
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thank you to:
jordan maguire for the drums and tambourine on tried
brendan fitzgerald for the tuba on 122

"He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness. Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world." -RWE


released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


ian terry Delaware

songs of now
and yore

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Track Name: 122
oh 122
you've seen a lot of
life in your rooms

oh home to a few
you kept the light
and we slept until noon

stayed awake under the moon
ivory light
upon miles of views
we watched atop of your roof
when we wanted to

only took two years
time in your garden
for lilacs to bloom
to think we would pull out the roots

old shutters blue
have you forgotten
those who passed through?
have you forgotten me too,
idling by not a tile in use?

after the five of us moved away, the spirit stayed
you're haunted by the ghost we left behind

some days i wonder why
why we left those walls behind
there's no escaping
time does fly
far away from when your walls were mine
Track Name: tried
i wanna be slow
wanna be restful
can't get enough
cigarettes and plastic cups
if i'm gonna be low
i'm gonna be certain of it
anything to put me out of my mind

thousands of times i've

light coming inside
a break in the curtains
and my sill is lined with drugs
silhouettes against
the poison sun
turn me to stone
there's nothing important for me
beyond the pane
on the other side

soon you'll have grown roots into the building
i've seen this all before
smokey rays make patterns on the floor
couldn't you go?
you could find something better
go through the door to the other side

thousands of times i've tried
Track Name: canary
so lately
do you wanna be
burned into some one else's

in the canopy
your bones break easy
for those melodies

the perfect phrase
it waits for you
at the end of a maze
miles of tribulation's
thorns have left you
bleeding on the page

and your hands
are getting worn
the greatest works are made
they're never born

the perfect phrase
it waits for you
at the end of a maze
miles of tribulation's
thorns have left you
bleeding on the page

with grey on your wrist
those plans you made you missed
late night
spilling guts on everyone's sentiments

might make you sick
the fire you trade for sticks
to build it up
to make it something eloquent
Track Name: dog
dog running out
of the house
with the front door open
ball in his mouth
and he runs across the street
into the fog
coming down
from the mountain
it's mixing with the smoke factory
and i don't think i can see
which one lies in front of me

dog sprawling out
on the lawn
how he's lounging
in the sun
and the breeze
how i wish that could be me
but i look at my thumbs
and i'm waiting for a bus
hoping i'll catch a ride
and dog gets everything free
i get mine at the factory

dog running out
of the house
with the front door open
ball in his mouth
and he runs right up to me
and i look for his thumbs
but he doesn't seem to have
something more than his teeth
and his doggy brains are empty
i'll stick with my humanity
Track Name: sorry
i see you
catching onto
my eye
a magnet to a small fly
a dot
against the big bright sky

i see you there
pretty black dress
and long black hair
maybe you could stay the night
kick you out at the first light

sorry babe
hold on to your name
it will escape me
im not looking for something
ever since the last time
you can blame it on the last time
Track Name: pedigrees
eyes of the sun
rise from the corners of her mouth
my summertime, she bore her crown
and birds flew from the south

but i felt the seasons changing
the touch of a freezing maiden
ice crept inside, she held on tight
i pulled her fingers out

now i cover up the windows with my sheets
when the wind blows at night
the cold reminds that she is aching

holding what i had left as breath
inside my mouth
buried in solitude and snow
you came and dug me out
my spirit rejuvenated
by something incinerating
i recognize that shining light
a fire that won't burn out

won't you cover up the windows with the sheets
it's cold outside tonight
and i can feel the heat escaping
huddled up alongside several sets of teeth and pedigrees
company's the only thing that's keeping me from shaking
you're keeping me from breaking
Track Name: strife
the signs of strife
bloody eyes
and bloody knife
stuck inside a winter night

hold me now
hold me down
i'll be fine with you around
i rely on breathing sounds

can you understand
i am not a man
sickly horse
and salted land
shame upon the farm hand

can you understand
i am not a man
lost my job
and lost my bed
can't forget the things i had

hold me now
hold me now
i'll be fine
with you around
you rely on petty things
had to sell your wedding ring

hold me now
hold me now
i was fine
with you around
creaks across the wooden floor
turn the knob and shut the door

i died to that leaving sound
Track Name: vermont
golden rays
and a home on the mountainside
the splintering white
wood would become the site
of earthy celebration
a yearly destination of

my closest friends
following the coast
we escaped from our cells
of brick laiden cities
from responsibility

once every august for the month

smoke and sage
in the shroud of the mountainside
following a path
that we paved for ourselves
then it started raining
coming down on silver lake

the black cloud was our fate
everything would change
and we would catch up to our age

but one day we would say
that we were young
jumping from a bridge
and landing in vermont
we found our guts
and we took them with us

and we left something
in the sun baked
summer evenings
trees and canyons
of vermont

all the leaves would retain the essense
of our adolescence